Written by

Noel Gallagher


Rockfield, South Wales, May 95 (DM singles box-set booklet)


Produced by Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher.

Released on

Album version on (What's The Story) Morning Glory?
Album version on Wonderwall single
Live from Maine Road on ...There And Then
Live from Earls Court (on ...There And Then bonus CD & DVD)
Live from Toronto on Go Let It Out (demo)/Wonderwall live Virgin Megastores UK promo)
Live from Wembley on Familiar To Millions
Album version (remastered) on Stop The Clocks
Live from Manchester on Lord Don't Slow Me Down DVD (bonus disc)


Noel Gallagher solo acoustic. Debut: Channel 4, Glastonbury Backstage - 24th June 1995
Noel Gallagher acoustic vocals and band. Debut: Jools Holland
Acoustic band with Liam vocals. Debut: Maine Road
Electric guitar and Liam on vocals. Debut: Be Here Now warm up gigs
Electric guitar with Noel on vocals.
Liam vocals and Gem on acoustic guitar: Radio Aid
Noel solo acoustic (Ryan Adams)
Noel semi-acoustic (Ryan Adams)


"I always wanted to sing "Wonderwall", but I'm glad he sang it 'cos he sings it better than I do. (NME, 7th November 1998).
"Took about half an hour to write." (FM949 - Sep 14 2005).
Well it´s for Meg. And it´s a classic. What more can I say? (noel - DM singles box-set booklet)

Credits (alternative releases)

Live from Earls Court 1995

Mixed by Owen Morris

Live in Toronto 2000

Recording engineer: Todd Fraracci.
Assistant engineer: Frank Finistauri.
Produced by Cathy Irving.


Remastered version on Stop The Clocks has the channels reversed. Now, the acoustic lead guitar and mellotron is now on the left and the electric rhythm guitar on the right.

The track was included on the video game Rock Band. If you extract the track from the disc, you can access 12 individual music and vocal tracks from the original recording.

Single-angle promo video leaked on YouTube.

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