What's It Got To Do With You?

Written by

Noel Gallagher

Lead vocalist

Noel Gallagher


Demo: Peacock Grove, Gorton, Manchester, circa. 1988/9

Other info


Demo: http://www.savefile.com/files/25170


NME (Spring 1998):

The shortest track on the tape running at about two minutes, again featuring a Spanish style solo, though this time played on an electric guitar. Could be about religion with lyrics such as: "There is another world/There has to be".

Record Collector (March 1998):

The jingle-jangle guitar motifs of the Byrds, as filtered through the Smiths' Johnny Marr, recur on this brief but angst-ridden tune. Call it paranoia, call it adolescent, but the author of this song is decidedly ill at ease and concerned about "what must my friends think of me". This must be the only song in the Noel Gallagher songbook which considers the likelihood of the afterlife - "there is another world, there has to be" - but the overall message is in the title, and the closing declaration: "It's got nothing to do with you". In later years, Noel would dress up the same lines in more obscure clothes.



Noel Gallagher
Pete (surname unknown)

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