What's Been Happenin'

Written by

Noel Gallagher

Lead vocalist

Noel Gallagher


Demo: Peacock Grove, Gorton, Manchester, circa. 1988/9

Also known as

'I Didn't Think So!'

Other info


Demo: http://www.savefile.com/files/25450


NME (Spring 1998):

Noel recounting what's being going on in his life since he split with a girl. It breezes along at a fair old pace with an acoustic Spanish guitar solo reminiscent of The Beatles 'And I Love Her' from the A Hard Day's Night soundtrack album.

Record Collector (March 1998):

This tune spins two variations on the identikit musical ingredients of the tape, using double-tracked acoustic guitars instead of an acoustic rhythm topped with electric lead, and slipping an extra chord or two into the pattern. There's also one brief moment in the vocal, the lift of a phrase in a breath of passion, which is pure Oasis. But the song is sparser than anything that band has ever recorded, running to little more than one side of a desultory conversation between two friends who no longer have a connection. "Have you found a new boyfriend," Noel asks disinterestedly, "No, I don't want to bet". And the final lines are chilling in the severity of their dismissal: "You think I could see you. I didn't think so."



Noel Gallagher
Pete (surname unknown)

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