Underneath The Sky

RECORDED: Rockfield Studios, South Wales - May 1995
OTHERS: Flat in Camden Town with Owen. Written night before recording. Dead End Street from the kinks in the middle. Wrote the verses round that. Noel and Bonehead play piano. Noel plays low bits, Bonehead plays high bits. Huitars put through a Leslie cabinet at the beginning. Noel plays 2 notes, Bonehead plays rhythm. Recorded same night as Cum On Feel The Noize. Never played live. Noel likes the bakcing vocals, layered and layered and latered them so it sounds like a different instrument. Noel like Liam's "again-ah". (Masterplan promo interview)

"When you go in those bookshops at airports they have these little books, like 'The Tiny Book Of Wisdom', and there was a book of travellers' quotes, and most of the lines are adapted, that's adapted, from one of them. Not stolen! Poems by travellers, by people who travelled the world. And as we were travelling around the world at the time…"
"It's one of my favourite songs. There's a piano solo in there, and Bonehead's playing the top half and I'm playing the bottom half. And of course, we're both pissed. It must have been the longest take for a piano solo ever, ' cos the pair of us are sat on this stool together, and we're slipping off all over the place. I think it might be slightly out of time as well. I only play two notes. (NME, 31st October 1998)
LIVE (ACOUSTIC) DEBUT: Radio NRJ, France - 11th November 1997

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