The Swamp Song

THE SWAMP SONG (N. Gallagher)
RECORDED: Rockfield Studios, South Wales - May 1995 (Masterplan sleeve notes), Orinoco Studios (with Weller). Drums from Glastonbury 1995. (Masterplan promo interview)
COMMENTS: Before started recorind Morning Glory, first songs they'd jammed with Alan. Recorded parts on very last day of MG sessions.
OTHERS: Lead Guitar And Harmonica by Paul Weller. Bass by Noel Gallagher (Masterplan promo interview).
"At the beginning you can hear a crowd noise, and "Swamp Song" was the first track we played at Glastonbury. So we took the drums from the Glastonbury performance, 'cos it was the right pace, and then we just overdubbed all the guitars. I think I played bass. And the guitar on it is by Paul Weller. He'd come down to play the solo on "Champagne Supernova". So we thought, 'Might as well get our money's worth out of him'. And he plays the mouth organ as well. "It's just a jam, really. It was called, for ages, "The Jam". Totally inspired title. So then when Paul played on it, we thought, 'We'd better change that'. So when we changed it he said, 'How come you've changed the title?' I said, 'I thought it would sound a bit corny'. And he went, 'No, I really liked that title!' For the life of me, I don't know why we called it "The Swamp Song"…" (NME, 31st October 1998)

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