The Meaning Of Soul

RECORDED: Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
COMMENTS: Drummed on two boxes of cereal. Tried to re-record the harmonica solo but never got it as good. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)
OTHERS: Produced and mixed by Dave Sardy. Mixed by Dave Sardy at The Village, Los Angeles, CA. Drums by Zak Starkey. Harmonica overdub by Gem from the demo - wrongly recorded. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05). Trying to get a sound reminiscent of Elvis's drummer DJ Fontana. (Zak, EPK 2005). Snare was too rocky, so they got a cereal box in. (Liam, EPK 2005). It sounds like Elvis on Red Bull (Press Release) (Noel, Radio 1, 23rd 2005). Liam wanted it Elvis-y, Lennon-y kind of thing (Liam, Radio 1, 23rd May 2005). I was having a bit of a rant. (EPK, 2005) (Liam, Virgin Radio - 30th May 2005). It's short cos I like shrt, punchy songs, if it'd have gone on any longer it would have done your heard in (Liam, Virgin Radio - 30th May 2005)
LIVE (ACOUSTIC) DEBUT: 3FM, Holland - 3rd June 2005
LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: Lighthouse, Poole - 23rd June 2005

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