Talk Tonight

TALK TONIGHT (N. Gallagher)
WRITTEN: Started in Las Vegas between 29th September - 14th October 1994. and finished off in Texas. (Masterplan promo interview)
RECORDED: The Congress House Studio, Austin, Texas - October 1994
OTHERS: Written after Los Angeles row in 1994. Wurlitzer solo by Owen or Noel. Written about Oasis fan from San Francisco. She was addicted to strawberry lemonade. She took Noel round playgrounds on concil estate where she played as a kid. About sitting up getting pissed talking. (Masterplan promo interview)

"It's a true story, really. Liam f*g hated it at first, and I remember him saying in an interview that I was singing it with an American accent. I went to San Francisco, 'cos I'd left the band at that point and I was, well, I don't know what I was doing. I was just off me fg head. And I met this chick and she sorted me head out, really. "Then we recorded it in f*g Texas of all places. Two takes. The bits I like are where I take me watch off at the beginning and start coughing - it sounds really honest. It's quite a sad song but it's quite uplifting as well." (NME, 31st October 1998)
LIVE (ACOUSTIC) DEBUT: BBC Maida Vale Studios, London - 15th December 1994
LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: BBC Maida Vale Studios, London - 20th January 2000

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