Take Me

Written by

Liam Gallagher & Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs

Lead vocalist

Liam Gallagher


Demo #1: circa 1991
Demo #2: Out Of The Blue, Manchester, England, circa. 1992

Other info

It was also demoed by Oasis before Noel joined in 1991. A tape of this demo session was auctioned on eBay in March 2003. It's not known if the demo from that tape was the same as Demo #1 or Demo #2 which you can download from this website.

A demo tape with two mixes of the song was handed out by the band in 1992 to try and get on a local TV roadshow in 1992. This tape was sold at the eil.com store. This tape was recently put up for sale on eBay. I asked the seller for information on the contents of the tape and he revealed that track 2 (entitled 'Take Me - Original Mix + Sirens') is the same as Demo 1 available on this website, but includes air-raid sirens at the beginning. He also revealed that track 1 (entitled 'Take Me - Bass Boost + Sirens') is "basically the same as the other one but with 'bass boost'." Demo 2 doesn't feature on the tape at all.



Demo #1: http://www.savefile.com/files/25503
Demo #2: http://www.savefile.com/files/25550
Noel interview, 2004: http://www.mrmonobrow.dsl.pipex.com/monobrow/demos/interviews/noel-radio1-060904-cmltm.mp2
Clint Boon plays Noel clip of Demo #2, 2006: http://www.mrmonobrow.dsl.pipex.com/monobrow/demos/interviews/noel-xfm-takeme-03122006.mp2


"There was about 20 people there and we did four songs [including] a song called 'Take Me' that Liam and Bonehead had wrote that I still wish to this day they would record and they won't." (Noel, Q Magazine, July 1995)

"When I joined, they had two songs, one was called 'Take Me'. Very, very questionable title I've got to say. We used to call it 'Chase Me'." (Noel, My Top 11, November 2005)


City Life (Christmas 1991)

Urgent and weird, sort of Inspiral [Carpets] on psychedelics.

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