Stay Young

STAY YOUNG (N. Gallagher)
WRITTEN: Mustique (Masterplan promo interview)
RECORDED: Air Studios, London - February 1997. Abbey Road? (Masterplan promo interview)
COMMENTS: Started out quite slow, didn't have skippy, happy drumbeat. Didn't go on album cos Noel write Magic Pie later. Noel doesn't like it. Liam insisted it went on The Masterplan. One of the first songs recorded for Be Here Now. (Masterplan promo interview).

"That was actually going to be on "Be Here Now" but it got ditched in favour of…I don't f*g know. I got a phone call off Liam. And I never get a phone call from Liam unless it's a problem. Meg's going, 'Liam's on the phone.' And you have to go, '[Muttering under breath] Ct.' Then, ' [Extravagantly friendly] ALRIGHT MATE!' '[Threatening Liam voice] Why's f***g 'Stay Young' not on that album?' 'Um, I was gonna put it on.' 'Right, that's alright them…' So he wanted it on, 'cos he likes it. But I don't. I suppose people like it because it says, "Hey, stay young and invincible". And, "Come what may my faith's unshakeable'. I like that line. But it's a bit happy, it's a bit of a jolly pop song. And I don't really like the way it sounds, either. But if other people like it, and if Liam likes it, then it must go on. And on it went. But that'll be the one I'll be skipping past. Just after "D'You Know What I Mean?" came out they played it loads on Radio 1, for some reason which I could never fathom out." (NME, 7th November 1998)

OTHERS: Keyboards by Mike Rowe
LIVE (ACOUSTIC) DEBUT: German Radio, 18th July 1997

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