Soldier On

Written by

Liam Gallagher


Lead vocalist

Liam Gallagher

Official releases

October 6, 2008 on Dig Out Your Soul


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"We'd started gathering together tunes that had a certain feeling to them. I was doing the Electric Proms with The Coral, who'd recorded their album at my studio, and it turns out they'd come across a hard drive in the Pro Tools that said New Oasis Stuff, and they'd a sneaky listen… So [Coral singer] James Skelly, a bit sheepish, asks me "Are you gonna do that tune Soldier On?" Now I don't remember it, Gem doesn't remember it, Liam certainly doesn't remember it, but the other lads in The Coral are going " You've gotta record this tune, its fucking boss!" So I ransack this hard drive, can't find a track called Soldier On. So we get to Abbey Road and we're chatting away and Andy Bell goes "Soldier On? Brilliant! I've got a CD of it my bag." Turns out he recorded it with Liam, but Liam still doesn't remember it. "Well" says Andy "you were pretty fucking pissed" So we stick it on. Like all Liam's songs its got one verse and one chorus just repeated, but its ended up being the last track on the album. It reminds me of a guy walking through sand carrying a big fucking block on his back, and it just goes on for ages. It goes quite dubby at the end, and I play melodica on it, in the reverb chamber that The Beatles used!"
(Noel Gallagher, MOJO Magazine, 2008)

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