Slide Away

Written by

Noel Gallagher


1994, first Definitely Maybe sessions in Wales (STC DVD)

Lead vocalist

Liam Gallagher

Official releases

August 30, 1994 on Definitely Maybe
December 18, 1994 on Whatever single
November x, 2006 on Stop The Clocks (remastered)


First played: Unknown
Last played: March 27, 2007, Royal Albert Hall, London, England


Other info

When the song was released on Stop The Clocks in November 2006, the track had a moderate remaster, including the removal of Noel's backing vocals on the pre-choruses.


Noel acoustic 1994:
Liam acoustic 1994:
Live 1994:
Noel acoustic 1998:
Noel electric 1998:
Live 2001:
Noel acoustic 2006:
Noel semi-acoustic 2006:


Producer: Dave Bachelor
Backing vocals: Noel Gallagher
Mix: Owen Morris

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