Sing (If The Song's Worth Singing)

"It has no words. It's good though. Sounds like, no words, it's a melody but no words… there's an instrumental version of it in my house with me playing all the instruments. It sounds like 'Fade Away'.
(Noel, interview for

Could be the same as:

This song was first revealed on 'The Hindu Times' DVD documentary, where a CD of demos entitled 'Oasis: Best Of The Rest' was shown to camera. This was the first track on that CD.

In an interview done for Japanese TV in May 2005, Noel revealed that the track 'Lyla' evolved from this song. "In it's original form, it was the first song that was written for Heathen Chemistry. But it didn't actually work out, it was kind of a different feel, a different beat, and all that. It was actually called, it was another song and it was called 'Sing'. But then Travis had a song out called 'Sing' so we kind of scrapped it." He mentioned this again in an interview for Scotland Today on the 16th May 2005, and in an interview for XFM on the 30th May 2005.

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