Written by

Noel Gallagher


Demo: February 1993, Out Of The Blue studios, Manchester, England
Overdub of vocals: Unknown, presumably early 1994.

Lead vocalist

Liam Gallagher

Official releases

June 13, 1994 on Shakermaker single
August 30, 1994 on Definitely Maybe
Live at Wembley Stadium, London, England on July 21, 2000 on Familiar To Millions


First played: Unknown
Last played: August 28, 2000 - Leeds Festival, England


Other info

Initial February 1993 demo was used for the album version, with the exception of the final verse, which they had to rewrite for legal reasons. The original third verse went as follows:

"I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to buy the world a coke
To keep it company"

The Coca-Cola company objected to this verse as it was a blatant steal from the New Seekers song, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing. Parts of the re-written final verse: ''Mr Sifter sold me songs/When I was just 16/Now he stops at traffic lights/But only when they're green'' - was written in a taxi on the way to the recording studio to re-record the verse. When the taxi stopped at the traffic lights outside 'Sifter's"' (a record shop in Burnage, Manchester). Noel penned the lyric and it became part of the song.


Live 1994:
Liam Acoustic 1994:
Noel Acoustic 1994:
Live 2000:

Early lyrics

In Noel's notebook, last updated sometime in 1993, there was a set of handwritten lyrics to Shakermaker, presumably dating before the track was recorded.

1. I'd like to be somebody else
And be where they have been
I'd like to build myself a house
Out of plasticine

2. I like to talk to myself
And not know what I mean
I like to stop at traffic lights
But only when they're green

Ah! Shake along with me!
Ah! Shake along with me!

3. I like to walk around the town
With my friend Mr. Soft
Mr. Clean and Mr. Benn
Are shaking in my loft

Ah! Shake along with me!
Ah! Shake along with me!

I'm sorry but I just don't know
I know you said you told me so
When you're happy and you're feeling fine
You will know it's the right time
You will know it's the right time

To shake along with me!

Repeat No.1

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