Rockin Chair

ROCKIN' CHAIR (N. Gallagher / C. Griffiths)
WRITTEN: As old as Going Nowhere (1990) (Masterplan promo interview). I must have wrote it in Manchester. (NME, 7th November 1998)
RECORDED: Rockfield Studios, South Wales - May 1995
COMMENTS: Was going to be on Morning Glory. (Masterplan promo interview)

"I think that was an early one as well. The song's about wanting to be somewhere else. I think we played that one live once, the first date of the British tour when Guigs couldn't be bothered getting out of bed 'cos he had his nervous exhaustion, and we had Scott in the group, briefly. I think we played it on the first night and then sacked it after that 'cos the chorus was too high for Liam."
"It was gonna be on the album, and then I wrote something else. I think it was "Wonderwall". So it was "Rockin' Chair" or "Wonderwall". (NME, 7th November 1998)

LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: Empress Ballroom, Blackpool - 2nd October 1995

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