In an interview with The Times on the 26th August 2000, Noel spoke a bit about this song, "I came back yesterday feeling more depressed than I've ever been; I've not written a song for 18 months and we don't know what's going to happen to the band after the tour. But last night I came back, picked up an electric guitar and because the missus (Meg Mathews) and the kid (Anais) are away I pushed the amps up to ten and went for it. You can't do that with a kid around. And the song's fantastic. It's like back to the old days; it contains four chords, about eighteen words and the chorus is just 'Come On'. It's called 'Revival' and it's brilliant. I hope there's a lot more on the way."

In the January 2001 issue of Mojo magazine, Noel commented a little bit more about this song, saying it was" a bit like 'Louie Louie' but a bit more Sex Pistols"

In an interview for Canadian radio station Fox 99.3FM on the 7th September 2005, Noel answered a fan's question asking about a few unreleased songs. "Well 'Revival' was never actually written, that was just a great title…did I write the music, I did, I never got round to finishing it."

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