In May 1996, Noel went on a holiday on the Caribbean island of Mustique. Whilst there, he recorded a bunch of demos for the next Oasis album. Noel commented on these demos in an interview for the August 1996 issue of Select Magazine:

"I've got 15 songs on a cassette. Like I say, I went to Mustique with Owen (Morris, producer of first two albums) with a digital 8-track and a keyboard to do the strings on. I played them on acoustic and Owen programmed the drums in. It's the first time I've ever done any demos, bar Live Forever and Up In The Sky. But it sounds good. My Big Mouth sounds fuckin' excellent, like a cannon going off in your head. There's about four like that, quite Stooges-like. Then there's the stuff in the vein of Don't Look Back In Anger, and there's a couple of Wonderwall's on there. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) is like the big fuckin' party tune, quite camp as well - our Liam with his fuckin' hand on his hips, ha!"

Co-producer Owen Morris also commented on the Mustique demo sessions in the September 1997 edition of Q Magazine, which looked back an 18-month period leading up the release of Be Here Now. 'After two weeks' writing (in Mustique), Noel rang Owen Morris and asked him to bring over his eight-track and a drum machine to record some demos. Flying over, the producer reckoned two new songs would constitute a result. "But then the first night he reeled off fifteen songs on the acoustic," recalls Morris. "Then we piled through them in a week, midday to seven in this chalet by the airport - that's where the plane on 'D'You Know What I Mean?' comes from. It's easy with Noel because you make decisions on the hoof - chop that, stick that in, bung it down. Guitar overdubs and backing vocals as well. The Mustique tape's amazing, really cool, although it sounds shit because of the drum box. And that was the album, apart from a couple of songs got dropped and Magic Pie was added later. The words, most of the arrangements and the running order were sorted on Mustique too. He's got big balls that man. He did that weeks work and that was it."'


Angel Child

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