Mucky Fingers

MUCKY FINGERS (N. Gallagher)
RECORDED: Strangeways Studios, London
COMMENTS: Inspired by Waiting For The Man by Velvet Underground. Inspired by the thought of Bob Dylan singing it, said by Gem in Italy in the middle of the HC tour. Noel had the chords for it. Noel put the drumbeat to the chords. Done in a couple of soundchecks with no single. Wrote the words after. Quite political. Was going to be a single with the artwork been guy's hands with 2 fingers painted in the stars and stripes. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05). Liam would have liked to sing it. (Liam, Radio 1 - 23rd May 2005). Wasn't rehearsed until the night before the first gig of the tour. (Noel, Radio 1 (Lamaxq) - 23rd May 2005). Should have been the first single, could be the fourth. (Noel, Radio 1 (Whiley) - 23rd May 2005). Liam sang Mucky Fingers (Liam, Virgin Radio - 30th May 2005)
OTHERS: Produced by Noel Gallagher. Mixed by Paul 'Strangeboy' Stacey, assisted by Henry Phillpots at Strangeways Studios, London. Drums by Terry Kirkbride.
LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: Astoria, London - 10th May 2005

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