Mark Coyle


Rock 'n' Roll Star (with 'Oasis')
Shakermaker (with 'Oasis')
Live Forever (with 'Oasis')
Supersonic (with 'Oasis')
Cigarettes & Alcohol (with 'Oasis')
Alive (with 'Oasis')
Cloudburst (with 'Oasis')
Teotihuacan (with Noel Gallagher)
Fade Away (demo) (with Noel Gallagher)
Who Feels Love? (acoustic) (with Noel Gallagher)
Sunday Morning Call (acoustic) (with Noel Gallagher)


Married With Children
Teotihuacan (with Noel Gallagher and Steve Orchard)


D'You Know What I Mean? - 'Backwards bits'
Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is - Electric sitar
Little James - 12-string acoustic guitar
Where Did It All Go Wrong? - 'Sonic guidance'

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