Love Like A Bomb

LOVE LIKE A BOMB (L. Gallagher / G. Archer)
WRITTEN: A couple of years ago. (Liam, EPK 2005). "Last summmer" (Liam, Virgin Radio - 30th May 2005)
DEMO: Confirmed. Liam up all night, Gem sorted out, done by 5am.
RECORDED: Olympic Studios, London. Live, around 2nd take. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)
COMMENTS: Co-written with Gem helping out with words in the 2nd verse. Liam said the way it should sound should Julie Christie like to dance. Guitar riff after piano solo went though a few different ideas (Chigley, Trumpton) before Noel put foot down. (Noel and Gem, XFM 30.5.05). Wanted it to be a bit Elvis-y, a bit acoustic-y. It gives Liam a vision of women. (Liam, EPK 2005). Liam "couldn't get a second verse". Gem "helped write a few words". (Liam, Virgin Radio - 30th May 2005).
OTHERS: Produced and mixed by Dave Sardy at The Village, Los Angeles, LA. Drums by Zak Starkey. Piano by Martin Duffy.
LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: Toronto, 17th June 2005
LAST PLAYED LIVE: Manchester, 30th June 2005

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