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These 8 tracks made up Oasis' famous 'Live Demonstration' demo tape of which a copy was handed to Creation Records boss Alan McGee on the night he saw Oasis live for the first time. Around a dozen songs were recorded at the Real People's studio at Dock Road, Liverpool in Spring 1993, of which six songs appeared onto this demo tape. The cover of the cassette was a picture of a swirling Union Jack going down a plug. It had been designed, from an idea by Noel Gallagher by Tony French, a friend. "But he forgot to put the plug-hole in the middle of the flag", Noel recalled, "so we had to explain it to everyone." On the back of the tape was a number to call and a note to ask for Paul, Noel's older brother.


1. Cloudburst
2. Columbia
3. D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?
4. Strange Thing
5. Bring It On Down
6. Married With Children
7. Fade Away
8. Rock 'n' Roll Star


Dock Road, Liverpool, England (Spring 1993)
Apart from Married With Children, recorded at Mauldeth Road West, Manchester, England (Unknown)


Other info

There are two slightly different edits of Columbia. One is known as the the 'White Label demo' which was the first ever official release of an Oasis song on Creation Records, on a limited edition promo 12" vinyl, and which was later released as a b-side on the Supersonic single. This version you can download here is the original edit as heard on the 'Live Demonstration' demo tape. The two edits are very similar, with most differences heard in the intro and outro with the 'Live Demonstration' edit having a much longer chant at the end. The track length of this version is slightly shorter, clocking in at 5:05 compared to the 'White Label demo' which is 5:25 long.

D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? is also believed to have been recorded at Mark Coyle's home, this version was eventually ureleased as a b-side on the Shakermaker single.

Noel gave Strange Thing a fleeting mention in an interview for The Times in August 2000, saying it was written around the same time he wrote Rock 'n' Roll Star, Columbia and Whatever and that it was "still knocking about."

The version of Married With Children on this tape was was eventually released on 'Definitely Maybe'. An earlier mix found on bootleg has the same basic recording, but includes light percussion and backing vocals which were taken off for the final mix.

Fade Away was released on a cassette called 'Secret Tracks 2' which was given away with the May 1994 Edition of Select Magazine. The mp3 here is sourced from that cassette.


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