Listen Up

LISTEN UP (N. Gallagher)
WRITTEN: I remember writing the lyrics in the kitchen at Maison Rouge [recording studio on Fulham]. I went home early, about 8pm to write some lyrics. I got [back at Maison Rouge next day) at 11.30am, started messing around with these lyrics. They trun up at 8pm looking like they've still been up. It was the night they got barred from the Columbia for f*g decimating the gaff. So I spent eight hours in the kitchen at Maison Rouge writing lyrics, and I've never forgiven them for that. Although I suppose it worked out well in a way 'cos the ones I had at 11.45am were fg dreadful. (NME, 7th November 1998)
RECORDED: Sawmills Studios, Cornwall - March 1994 (Masterplan sleeve notes). Same day as Fade Away in Maison Rouge Studio (Masterplan promo interview)
COMMENTS: "That's one of my favourites. "I remember Liam going, 'That f*g guitar break's too long, 'cos nothing happens and it's the same riff going round and round and round.' And 'cos I'm a stubborn ct I was going, 'No, it's right.' And then when I was mastering it the other day, four years after the fact, I decided he was right in the first place, so I edited four bars out! He was round our house the other day so I played it to him and he went, 'D'you know, that sounds better than the original.' I went, '(Cough). Yeah I edited it…' He went, 'You f*g what?' 'I edited four bars out'. He went, 'WHAT? AFTER ALL THESE F*G YEARS NOW YOU'RE ADMITTING YOU WERE WRONG??!!' I said, 'I never said I was wrong. I'm just saying I wasn't right at that particular time.' Heheh! So, he thinks I'm a ct now."
When I was listening to it, before I edited the bit out that makes it a good 40 seconds to a minute shorter, I can see now that was the start of the prog rock phase where I was gonna just chuck guitar solos over everything, because I'd a brand new guitar that day, and by golly I'm gonna use it. So that's the start of my axe-wielding days, I think." (NME, 7th November 1998)

OTHERS: Produced by Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher. (UK Single, Masterplan UK CD + Masterplan US promo). Produced by Oasis and Mark Coyle (Aussie single)
LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: Borderline, London - 21st August 1994. Or maybe Newcastle Riverside, 13th December 1993 or 9th August 1994 (Masterplan promo interview).

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