Let There Be Love


"Tail end of the writing session for SOTSOG (1998/99) (Noel, XFM 30.5.05).

Written round the end of 1998/1999. I kept dipping backing into it over the last 7 or 8 years. Finally about the middle of last year (2004) wrote a few things I was happy with.(Noel, Radio 2 - 25th May)


Demo 1 - 1998/99, acoustic only
Demo 2 - 2004


Strangeways Studios, London,
Metropolis Studios, London,
Wheeler End Studios, Wycombe
Capital Studios, Los Angeles, CA.


Director: Baillie Walsh
Producer: Donald Taylor


7 and a bit years old. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)

Noel not happy with demo lyrics. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05).

I had an acoustic version that everybody said I should record and put out but I was never happy with the arrangment or the words. (Noel, Radio 2 - 25th May)

Hassled by record company to put out original song as they thought it was a hit. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)

Noel had doubts about it on the record as he didn't want a "flag-waver". Dave Sardy persuaded Noel to have it. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)

So did Liam and their manager (Marcus) Noel (EPK 2005)

Noel wanted it smaller, Liam wanted it more grandiose. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)

Noel was chucking guitars bits off it. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05). (Noel, Radio 2 - 25th May)

Daves idea to have Liam and Noel sing. Dave wanted Noel to sing just his final falsetto line. Noel thought there's no point in him singing one line, so sang the whole verse. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)

Noel had the "Let There Be Love" bit for ages. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)

Piano (amd mellotron strings): Paul Stacey in Clapham, Drums in LA, Vocals in Wycombe (Wheeler End), and guitars done at the mix in London. (Noel, XFM 30.5.05)

Theres a demo version, the one before that, it's miles better, it's got me singing it all the way through. (Liam, Virgin Radio - 30th May 2005)

Let There Be Love took 7 years from start to finish to write, obviously not a solid 7 years, took many different forms, went up a few blind alleys and i rewerote the lyrics a few times and if i had my way it wouldn't be on the album cos ir's a bit of a flagwaver. but it is a great song and it's brilliantly sung and it is the anthem to end all anthems. (Noel, 4music, 3rd June 2005)

its kind of like the self righterous brothers! ive had it for 7 or 8 years and it could have been recorded for the last 3 albums but i just couldnt nail the arrangement right and one day late last uear i was stumming away on the guitar and it all kind of came together. i wrote the bulk of it about 7 years ago but the one thing that was missing was a great middle 8 bit which came late last year really. (Noel, q104.3 - 26th June 2005)

I came up with the song 7 years ago, I wrote it for SOTSOG but I didnt like the lyrics so we didn't use it. I kept going back to it over the years and have gradually wrote it piece by piece. Then I got the middle 8 bit that i sing, joined it all together, hey presto. It was always called Let There Be Love, but the lyrics were different. (Noel, Radio Deejay - 31st October 2005)


First played: Radio Deejay, Milan - 31st October 2005
Last played: Radio Deejay, Milan - 31st October 2005


OTHERS: Produced by Noel Gallagher. Engineered and mixed by Paul 'Strangeboy' Stacey. Keyboards and bass by Paul 'Strangeboy' Stacey. Drums by Terry Kirkbride.

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