Hey You

Written by

Noel Gallagher

Lead vocalist

Noel Gallagher


Demo: Peacock Grove, Gorton, Manchester, circa. 1988/9

Also known as

'No Cause For Alarm!'

Other info


Demo: http://www.savefile.com/files/25191
Handwritten lyrics: http://www.mrmonobrow.dsl.pipex.com/monobrow/demos/misc/noel1988tape.jpg and http://www.mrmonobrow.dsl.pipex.com/monobrow/demos/misc/heyyoulyrics.jpg


NME (Spring 1998):

Lots of laughing at the start accompanies a brief snatch of what sounds like Boston's 'More Than A Feeling' before a fast, screeching guitar riff crashes in, similar to Travis' 'Happy'. Then everything stops and Noel sings, "Hey you, out there in the cold". The song progresses with a multi-layered guitar barrage.

Record Collector (March 1998):

It was Boston guitarist Tom Schulz who invented the gadget whereby you could sound like a stadium rocker in your bedroom. Noel loved that sound - "Be Here Now" is nothing short of an album-long tribute - but it first appeared in his music when he cut his porta-studio demo of this song. (Bizarrely, the guitar on this track is an exact replica of the Long Ryders' sound on "I Had A Dream", though it's hard to imagine even a teenage Gallagher having any truck with those country-rockers.)
When it comes to the riffs, there's a rare hint here of a Beatles influence ("You Never Give Me Your Money", to be precise), and with the vocal buried deep beneath the guitar, this is another tip to the hat to Noel's future. Lyrically, it's a touching message of faith and affirmation, in stark contrast to the nihilism of the other songs.



Noel Gallagher
Pete (surname unknown)

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