Original artist

The Beatles (written by John Lennon/Paul McCartney)


January - July 1998


Noel first played this song at the band's show in Seattle on January 24, 1998, introducing it by saying "I'm gonna do one more, which is quite apt for the way that I feel at the moment". It was a slowed down interpretation of the original, which by the shows in Japan in February had got even slower. Noel even played it just an acoustic set recorded for and broadcast on MTV in South America. The song was last heard during one or two of the acoustic Noel done in support of Paul Weller in the UK in July 1998.

Claire Martin

Later in year, Noel guested with British Jazz musician Claire Martin's version of the song, using Noel's slowed down arrangement. Noel played acoustic guitar on the track (and you can hear him count-in the track), which was produced by mutual acquaintance Paul Stacey. The song was included on her album 'Take My Heart', released in February 1999.

From the Daily Record, October 20, 2001

"JAZZ singer Claire Martin couldn't believe her luck when Oasis star Noel Gallagher agreed to play guitar on her album. But she got stuck in traffic on the way to the recording studio so didn't even get to meet him.

Claire, who played at The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh last night, said: "It was really nice of Noel to do it, but I missed him because I was stuck in a traffic jam in Brixton. He'd left by the time I got to the studio so I never met him. I just sang over the backing track. But I rang him afterwards to say thanks."

Producer Paul Stacey had suggested Claire do a version of the Beatles song Help for her album Take My Heart.

She said: "Paul was Oasis's keyboard player and he said Noel had done a really nice slow version of Help on live Oasis gigs. He asked Noel to play on it."

But Claire, a former backing singer with Wet Wet Wet, got the ultimate seal of approval for the song by Paul McCartney.

Claire, 34, said: "I met Paul McCartney in New York and I gave him a copy of my album with the Help track. He said he loved it."

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