RECORDED: Loco Studios, South Wales - February 1995
OTHERS: Really, reallt old one, wrote before Oasis has a manager. Written about one of Liam's old girlfriends who was pain in the arse and used to follow the band around. Noel thinks it's the best drumming McCarroll ever done. Noel doesn't know what a headshrinker is. Something to do with psychiatry cos he though Liam's ex need psuchiatroc help. Used to be part of a lot of fast songs in 92/93. (Masterplan promo interview)

It's about a chick Our Kid was going out with once who was a f*g pain in the arse. Mentioning no names. This is years ago. We played it one of the first tours, I think, it's like the Stones meets the Pistols on speed. "It was a mad time at Loco [recording studio in South Wales countryside], that. There were lots of people there. When we used to go to a recording studio, no matter where in the country it was, everyone would find a way there after about two days." (NME, 7th November 1998)

LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: Hollywood, 3rd February 1995
LAST PLAYED LIVE: Astoria, London - 10th May 2005

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