Half The World Away

RECORDED: The Congress House Studio, Austin, Texas - October 1994 (masterplan sleeve notes). "We done that the same day as we did "Talk Tonight" in Texas." (NME, 7th November 1998)
COMMENTS: Inspired by chords from This Guy's In Love With You. Dave Bachelor showed Noel how to play it on guirar. Weller's favourite Oasis song.

"The drumming bit that comes in on the brushes, our ex-drummer had these two brushes which he was looking at and going, 'What do they do?' 'Well you do that with that one and you play it like that…' And after about two hours I got annoyed with him and threw him out of the studio. So I played the drums on that track, and the bass. (NME, 7th November 1998)

OTHERS: Produced by Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher. Drums by Noel Gallagher, Bonehead on keyboards, Owen Morris on bass guitar. (Masterplan promo interview)

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