God Help Us All

(1:11 audio clip) - http://www.mrmonobrow.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/unheard/itag.mp3

  • In the film 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down', a short clip of a soundcheck at an Australian venue in November/December 2005 was shown. In it was Noel playing an unidentified song. A longer clip of this was included on the DVD of 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' through one of the menus.
  • In an interview with Radio Deejay on 27th November 2006, Noel was asked about this song and he said it didn't have a title yet, suggesting it's still unfinished.
  • On the audio commentary of Lord Don't Slow Me Down, Noel was asked about the tune, replying that he hadn't finished the words yet, but that it was still “great”.

Noel: "It's called 'God Help Us All', at least that is the title I got for it. It's maybe half the first verse and no chorus."
Interviewer: "It's really nice."
Noel: "It is fuckin' really good! But you know, one can't force these things [out]. One day it will fall out of the sky. And there we go… "

(Noel, interview for oasisgeneration.com, January 2009)

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