Evil Eye

Written by

Liam Gallagher (circa 2007)

Lyrics (extract)

"Don't give me your evil eye
It's not very wise"


"I've written a song called Evil Eye. It won't be done for the new record, it'll be the next one. Big tune. It's magical."
(Liam Gallagher, MOJO, November 2007)

Q: What's the most recent song you've written?
L: "It's called Evil Eye and it goes "Don't give me your evil eye!" It's a true story about this girl who's the daughter of someone famous in the country. She was getting a bit lippy with the old mince pies [eyes] at a Black Crowes concert. She were giving me the evil eye and I said, "Don't fucking start." She's like, [indignant squark]"Whaaat?" I've just decided to put it in a song."
(Liam Gallagher, Q, October 2008)

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