Don't Believe The Truth sessions


A CD of tracks from Don't Believe The Truth leaked online on.


1. I Wanna Live In A Dream In My Record Machine (early version)
2. Eyeball Tickler (early version)
3. The Meaning Of Soul (early version)
4. A Bell Will Ring (early version)
5. Love Like A Bomb (early version)
6. Stop The Clocks (early version)
7. Stop The Clocks (early version) (both versions of Stop The Clocks are the same)
8. Ain't Got Nothin' (early version)
9. Lord Don't Slow Me Down (alternative version with Liam on lead vocals)
10. Turn Up The Sun (early version)
11. Turn Up The Sun (album version)
12. Mucky Fingers (album version)
13. Lyla (album version)
14. Love Like A Bomb (album version)
15. The Importance Of Being Idle (album version)
16. The Meaning Of Soul (album version)
17. Guess God Thinks I'm Abel (album version)
18. Part Of The Queue (album version)

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