Don't Be Down

"That is finished, that is done. I haven't recorded it though. It's kind of an old ballad, one for grannies. I don't really like writing songs like that anymore, you know. I get a bit bored of writing songs like that. I could write songs like that for ever and ever and ever but they don't do it for me anymore. I could do Stop Crying Your Heart out and Stand by Me and things like that. I could write six of them now but they don't really appeal to me. So it is kind of like that, slow and long and… it's good though!"
(Noel, interview for, January 2009)

"I also have a song called 'Don't Be Down', which sounds a bit like Neil Young".
(Noel, interview for Fast Forward, broadcast 4th October 2002)

"One is called 'Don't Be Down', which you will never hear, cos I wrote it for my baby girl."
(Noel, interview for 'Oasis - What's The Story?' on BBC Radio 2, broadcast 26th October 2002)

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