Come On It's Alright

Written by

Noel Gallagher (circa 2007)


"He [Noel] had this brainstorm and within three days we had The Shock Of The Lightning, Falling Down and a song called Come On It's Alright which was gonna be a single but we never finished it."
(Andy Bell, Q Magazine, October 2008)

"A fucking great song with a 50-piece choir on it! But unfortunately fuckin' Liam decided to go and get married so we didn't finish it. It's a bit like 'Hello' I guess, off 'Morning Glory'. It could have been the first single - it's very catchy, it's great! It's really, really great. I'm really pleased… but we didn't even get to mix it because Fuckface went off, pissed off for a week. So we didn't bother."
(Noel Gallagher, interview for, January 2009)

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