Cast No Shadow

8. CAST NO SHADOW (N. Gallagher)
COMMENTS: "The only time I've really sat down to write a B-side I wrote "Cast No Shadow", which was supposed to be a B-side but it ended up really good. There's a bit at the end of "Cast No Shadow" when someone says down the mic really quietly, 'Tha'll do for a B-side'. So we had to take that out when it came to put it on the album." (NME, 31st October 1998). "Wasn't written for Richard Ashcroft but dedicated it too him. It's about a man who's invisible." (FM949 - Sep 14 2005)
OTHERS: Dedicated to Richard Ashcroft
LIVE (ACOUSTIC) DEBUT: Channel 4, Glastonbury Backstage - 24th June 1995


OTHERS: Vocals, Guitar, and Celest by Noel Gallagher. Bass by Jeordie White. Electric Cello by Philip Shepperd. Drums by Terry Kirkbride. Piano, Guitar, Synths, and Percussion by R. File. Strings arranged by Andrew Skeet. Orchestra by London Philharmonic. Recording, engineering, additional production, and programming by Cameron Craig. Recorded at ex Snake Ranch Studios. Mixed by Cameron Craig at Surrender Sounds and Strongroom Studios. Produced by UNKLE (J. Lavelle, R. File).

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