Ain't Got Nothin'

Written by

Liam Gallagher


Early version: 2004

Lead vocalist

Liam Gallagher

Official releases

Dig Out Your Soul (2008)


Other info

An early studio version leaked on to the Internet on May 6, 2008. It's not clear as to when this studio version was recorded, but best guesses are it being from an early Don't Believe The Truth session in 2004.

The song was first mentioned in a March 31, 2003 article in The Sun.

"LIAM GALLAGHER has written a song about being banged up in jail. The wildman rocker wants the track - called They Ain't Got Nothing On Me, They Ain't Got Nothing On You - on the next OASIS album. One line says: "I'm out on bail/ I'm out of jail/ Hear my song, sing along." It is only the fifth tune Liam has written and was inspired by his spell behind bars in Munich in December. Liam said: "I'm really pleased with it but it's not finished."


Early studio version, 2004:

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