ACQUIESCE (N. Gallagher)
WRITTEN: "I was on the train travelling up to meet the rest of the band (at Loco Studios in Wales). And the train stopped, I think it might have been in the Severn Tunnel. I had my guitar with me, and I just picked it up and started strumming away on the train. I remember it being pretty late at night, and I was sat in the smoking section. Maybe about another five people on the train. I got to the chorus and I was progressively getting louder and by the time we'd been sitting in this tunnel for about 40 minutes people were starting to go: 'Tut! Do you mind?! We're getting bored here, can you stop playing?'" "But by the time I'd got there I'd worked out the arrangement. We went to the studio and I made the lyrics up on the spot, really. (NME, 31st October 1998). Written on train going to Loco Studios when train stopped. Had the intro, the two chords. Maybe jammed in soundchecks. Didn't have the verses. Wrote melody for chorus in the studio. (Masterplan promo interview)
RECORDED: Loco Studios, South Wales - February 1995.
COMMENTS: Isn't about brothers. Liam doesn't sing cos it's too high for him. In Canada when McGee phoned wanting this as single. McGee wanted it as a single or on the album. Noels says probably should have been a single. (Masterplan promo).

Liam couldn't sing the chorus for some reason. I think he was drunk or something, but he couldn't get the high notes. So I decided to sing it. When the record came out everyone was going, 'It's a song about Liam', and that I was saying that we need each other, we believe in one another - which was total fg bullshit. It wasn't about that, but 'cos he was singing the verses and I was singing the choruses people were like: 'Oh God man, the two brothers are, like, sharing their love for each other, even though they hate each other. It's just like, wow, they're bonding on record'. Haha! So we went along with that for ages!" The title apparently derives from a question Noel was asked during an interview. "I didn't know what it meant. The person described as when the Pied Piper took all the kids out of the city, playing his flute like the geezer out of Jethro Tull, all the kids were experiencing acquiesce. And I was like, 'That's ridiculous, I thought it was the drink!' But it was good, 'cos it confused Liam. Hahaha! 'What's a f*g acquiesce?' 'It's a new car by Volkswagen. F*g great, you wanna get yourself one'." If I had my way again I'd rerecord it ' cos it sounds really thin to me and I'd don't like the guitar sounds. And of course, the drumming's not much cop. Allegedly. Your honour. (NME, 31st October 1998)
OTHERS: Produced by Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher.
LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: Cliffs Pavillion, Southend - 17th April 1995

live southend 1995 french cd promo

mixed by owen morris


RECORDED: Recorded live at G-Mex, Manchester - 12th December 1997

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