A Bell Will Ring

WRITTEN: "I've had that song for ages" - (Gem, XFM 30.5.05)
DEMO: Confirmed. Recorded in Australia (Oct 2002) (a bit weird" ("pissed out of our heads, in the wrong key) (Gem, XFM 30.5.2005)
RECORDED: Olympic Studios, London. Live take.
COMMENTS: "Noel came up with the beat for it which brought it alive" - (Gem, XFM 30.5.05). Bass parts written by Noel. Last minute of guitar sounds like revolver. Lyrics are general optimism. (Noel and Gem - XFM 30.5.05). Noel came up with the drum pattern. (Gem, Virgin Radio - 30th May 2005).
OTHERS: Produced and mixed by Dave Sardy. Mixed by Dave Sardy at The Village, Los Angeles, CA. Drums by Zak Starkey. Percussion by Noel,
LIVE (BAND) DEBUT: Lighthouse, Poole - 23rd June 2004

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