2008 10 26

Oasis will be headlining and closing this year's BBC Electric Proms. The band will play at The Roundhouse in London on Sunday 26th October.

The gig is set to be a special one with Oasis being accompanied by the Crouch End Festival Chorus.

Noel had this to say about the gig, “We are doing the Electric Proms, and we're doing it with the Crouch End Choir as well… there's 50 odd of them…because some of the songs on the album have got a 50 piece choir on them. So we're gonna do a night at the Proms with that lot, it should be good actually… Ennio Morricone uses them for his spaghetti western stuff in England, so I’m already looking forward to that because I’ve never played the Roundhouse and I’ve never done the Proms.”

The Oasis performance will be broadcast on BBC Radio 1 from 9pm on 26th October, and on BBC2 at 22:45pm on the same day. Fans outside the UK can watch the performance for a week after the festival along with photos and interviews at www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms

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