2008 08 30 Edmonton Journal


Badboy guitarist true to form
Feuds part of the act for Noel Gallagher
The Edmonton Journal
Published: 2:31 am

EDMONTON - "I'm going to outlast you," warned Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher halfway through our 30-minute interview Friday afternoon.

"You're going to be the one to call it quits."

It was true; after running through as many questions about the upcoming release of the band's newest album Dig Out Your Soul as could be found after a single listening, and pumping him for band gossip, Gallagher had indeed worn me out.

A blunt man with an acid tongue —but also quite winningly self-deprecating at times — Gallagher may not be the most loquacious interview, but he's honest and forthright. A bit of a troublemaker as well; he has been in the news at least as much for his recent feuds as for his band's music.

This summer he casually knocked Amy Winehouse producer — and recording artist in his own right Mark Ronson — for not writing his own songs.

Unfortunately, he didn't pick any new targets during Friday's interview, but he did nail his public image in one quotable line.

"Look, I know exactly where I stand. When I'm bad, I'm as bad as the worst out there.

"But when I'm good I'm absolutely great."

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