Competition Winners Concert, Black Island Studios, London, England


1. Rock 'n' Roll Star
2. Lyla
3. The Shock Of The Lightning
4. Cigarettes & Alcohol
5. The Meaning Of Soul
6. To Be Where There's Life
7. Waiting For The Rapture
8. The Masterplan
9. Songbird
10. Slide Away
11. Morning Glory
12. Ain't Got Nothin'
13. The Importance Of Being Idle
14. I'm Outta Time
15. Wonderwall
16. My Big Mouth
17. Supersonic
18. Don't Look Back In Anger
19. Falling Down
20. Champagne Supernova
21. I Am The Walrus


The Set

The stage was less than a foot off the ground and there was no gap between it and the front row. The backdrop was simply a large 'Oasis' banner, using the new logo. Next door I saw what I think was the stage set for the tour, because huge lights were flashing in there in time to the music as Oasis played to us. There were large cogs all over the place. I can't say for definite whether it was the set or not.

The Performance

Aside from the apparent disinterest from a number of the competition winners, Rock 'n' Roll Star was great. It definitely sounded as if Liam was actually singing again and not making the horrible noises of the previous tour. Lyla was pretty standard, Liam still tending to drop off at the end of lines. They then played The Shock of the Lightning, which sounded far better live than on record. Chris Sharrock was superb. Cigarettes and Alcohol followed, leading straight into The Meaning of Soul. Liam found time to say hello to Gene, who was at the front with Nicole, who was singing louder than anyone.

Next were two of the new songs. The first, To Be Where There's Life, was a massive improvement on the album version. Liam seemed really into it too. Waiting For The Rapture was a note-for-note rendition of the recorded mix we'd just heard. While Noel was changing guitars Tom yelled "JESUS!" at Jay Darlington, for which he got a giggle out of Noel. The Masterplan was just The Masterplan, with Noel on acoustic and the rest of the band on their usual instruments. Amazing. Then Songbird, with Liam sounding like he did on Radio Aid.

Liam then announced they'd be playing a song they hadn't played for ages. I yelled "Slide Away", as did many others, and Liam said "Fucking smartarses, we're not gonna play it for you now. They did and it was predictably brilliant. Noel played a brand new solo on the end too. Morning Glory was exactly the same as it's been for a few years. Just brutal. Ain't Got Nothing sounded surprisingly good, Liam really spitting it out. At one point he had to apologise to a bloke in the front row who got soaked by it. The Importance of Being Idle was fairly dull, as always, but Noel dedicated it to Matt Morgan.

For I'm Outta Time and Wonderwall Noel used an acoustic guitar while the rest of the band played their usuals. Liam was perfect on I'm Outta Time, but clearly couldn't be bothered with Wonderwall.

Next up was My Big Mouth. Noel, Gem and Andy were all using capos, changing the key to suit Liam's voice. Obviously he went nowhere near the high notes on this new version, but it was absolutely mental nonetheless. Several people didn't seem to know what was going on, so expect to see it dropped for the tour. Fuckers. They then ended on Supersonic.

[b]Noel, Gem and Chris returned to the stage for a semi-acoustic Don't Look Back In Anger, Noel claiming he was bored of the old version. It went down like a lead balloon, although Sara loved it, so hopefully he'll start playing it properly again soon. Then it was Falling Down. Again, it was more or less a note-perfect rendition of the album track.

[b]Liam reemerged for Champagne Supernova, where he actually pronounced the 'p' and I Am The Walrus. After he was finished singing on the final track and the band continued to jam, Liam casually stepped off the stage and into the crowd to find Nicole. Fortunately I had moved to the back to get a setlist from the mixing desk and was standing right next to her, by the bar (she was HAMMERED), so I had the briefest of discussions with the man himself. All the while, the band was still playing.

It was the best I've heard Liam sing, although I fully expect him to revert back to the horrendous shouting as soon as he's taken away from an intimate setting. But fuck it. I was there for the smallest Oasis gig in 14 years, and no amount of shit singing can take that away from me.

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