2008 08 01

Taken from The Radio Show Live - Russell Brand, Matt Morgan, Mr Gee and Noel Gallagher.

Noel Gallagher joined and played 'The Importance Of Being Idle' last night at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Some of the comments from from the Russell Brand fan forum……….

When Russell mentioned Noel G and people cheered he said they had said "we said no Gallagher fans and yet they still get in".

Someone asked if Russell had been back to grays which he said no, someone reminded him his mum was there and he said 'yes i know, if only she had some kind of millionaire relative"

Second half Noel G is going to start a business where for 15 quid he names your pet because he thinks he has the ability to name animals. Legs, spot, mr whiskers.

Noel called Russell an A.rselicking C-lister. Also described him as 'dancing up and down like a bear on coals that's swallowed a dictionary.

Russell said that Noel had been in France trying to write jokes for the show and Noel said that Russell had gone mad.

We also heard a voicemail that Noel had left after the hoax call. "Well well well, Russell brand thinks it's ok to joke about rape, we'll talk about this on the show on saturday.

Icing on the cake had to be Noel doing "the importance of being idle" Bloody brilliant.


Noel Gallagher joined them for the second half and generally took the out of both of them and drank his way through A LOT of beer. However some girl started screaming at Noel for about 10 minutes on and off to the point that Russell had to ask for security to take her out as she had ruined it for everyone.

Noel then did a solo acoustic song, think it was the importance of being idle, and Mr Gee summarised the show with a poem which was awesome, all I can remember is that it ended with the word C**T - we can safely say that the show won't be broadcast!

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