2008 06 03

Rocker Liam Gallagher leaves Gordon Ramsay boiling mad when he sneers: “Me missus is a better effing cook than you!”

The Oasis wildman is less than impressed with the dishes served up by fiery Scot Gordon on his F Word show tonight.

And gobby Liam couldn’t resist sticking the knife in, telling him: “Your cooking is bobbins.”

The word is Manchester rhyming slang for lousy, as in bobbins o’ cotton … rotten.

Liam is one of 50 dining guests on tonight’s show. And he loyally sticks up for the culinary skills of his wife, All Saints babe Nicole Appleton, 33, when she takes on Gordon.

She rustles up a starter of pasta and clams, followed by spiced pork chops with sweet potatoes and apple tart. And Liam tells Nicole she has beaten Gordon easily. After tucking in, he tells Ramsay, 41: “Me missus does a better sweet potato than you do.”

Liam, 35, sporting a new haircut himself, also takes a swipe at Gordon’s barnet. He says: “You look like you’ve been electrocuted or struck by lightning!”

Later Liam admits that he isn’t as wild as he used to be because the hangovers last longer as he gets older. He says: “It takes me longer to recover from nights out.”

Ramsay’s spokesman said: “Gordon thought Liam’s comments were hilarious.”

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