2008 04 14


Noel talks to the BBC about the new album and about Glastonbury not selling out.


Noel Gallagher has criticised the decision to have a hip hop act as the headline for the Glastonbury Festival.

The Oasis guitarist said having rapper Jay-Z at the festival is the reason it has not sold out this year.

He also said the event's organisers had changed things too much and that it was "wrong" to have a hip hop headline act.

There were 100,000 tickets sold for Glastonbury on the first day, but in past years all tickets had sold out in a matter of hours.

Gallagher said: "If it ain't broke don't fix it.

"If you start to break it then people aren't going to go. I'm sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance.

"Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music and even when they throw the odd curve ball in on a Sunday night you go 'Kylie Minogue?'

"I don't know about it. But I'm not having hip hop at Glastonbury. It's wrong."

Oasis headlined the main stage at Glastonbury in 1995 and 2004, with the event selling out on both occasions.

Gallagher also rubbished recent stories saying that Oasis were ready to "do a Prince" and have a residency at London's O2 Arena.

"We'll never play the O2. We went there to see Led Zeppelin and to be honest the gig was fantastic, but it was the most soul destroying venue I've ever been to.

"And much to our manager and agent's disappointment we came back and said we would never play there.

"So it means we are going to have to do 640 nights at Earl's Court, I would have thought.

"It's too Americanised for me, and it's too far away. Any gig you can get to by boat that hasn't got a beach is wrong."

New album

He did confirm that Oasis seventh studio album is complete.

"That's finished. All done. We're just kind of waiting to get a record deal and get it out.

"We've not managed to get a title yet. We're in the middle of doing the art work. Down to a shortlist of about three. The first single? That will be four-and-half minutes long."

When asked if Oasis were still Britain's band, or whether the Arctic Monkeys had taken over that mantle, Noel admitted: "We'll be bigger than them in terms of ticket sales, but they'll probably sell slightly more records than us.

"But then again they've got about 20 years on us. So see where they are in 2089, or whenever it is they'll be my age."

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