December 17, 1999 - Big Breakfast, Channel 4, England


Interview with Noel and Liam at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas on December 11, 1999.


Interview with Liam
Interview with Noel

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Not in circulation. Report from poster:

Liam and Noel were interviewed at the KROQ festival by the Big Breakfast and it was shown this morning.

Noel said that the title of SOTSOG came from when they were down the boozer and they were messing about with coins. He saw that wrote on the side of the coin. As for the 'shoulder ' instead of 'shoulders', he said that that was because he was probably drunk, and that it sounded better anyway.

He also said that he has five new songs for the next album already written and edited and that the sixth one is nearly finished already. He said, in his always understated confident way with a smirk, that "they're pretty good!!".

Asked if the Press had heard SOTSOG, he replied with some insult, about Matthew Wright from the Mirror and Dominic from the Sun, about them "not knowing they're fucking arse from their elbow!!". He's right of course!!

Liam said he didn't have a mission to write the song Little James, but that "he's a mate.".

Noel also said that they don't mind going, and are getting on better in America now, because the American Press are beginning to respect them because they've been around for 6 years and that they are good musicians who write good tunes.


Liam Gallagher
Noel Gallagher

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